butting headsBudding Heads PR is a dual-authored blog that looks at issues facing the PR profession in the changing face of media technology. Each post gives two distinctive perspectives on a current issue in advertising, public relations and marketing communications. Hoping to engage students and young professionals, we’re determined to prove that healthy debate (rather than repeated echoes) are key to defining our profession in the digital landscape.

As fertile minds begin to bud into fruitful careers, members of Generation Y are entering a world where answers are no longer judged as right or wrong. Subjectivity reigns in social media, and it’s our belief that progress is best pursued through substantiated conversation that doesn’t always lead to a final agreement. Budding Heads seeks to advance the conversation – without all the echoes.

The opinions represented in Budding Heads PR are those of the authors and the authors alone. They do not represent the views of the authors’ employers, families or friends. The authors views also do not reflect on each other’s believes. As a collaborative project, Budding Heads welcomes proposals for guest posts or topic suggestions, which can be submitted in the comments below.

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